worlds most evil companies

The world’s most evil companies

Big business is known to be bad, but these businesses were/are just downright evil. Here’s a list of the world’s most evil companies to ever exist (as seen on Reddit) 10. Chevron Chevron was found guilty in South America and were ordered to pay. The lawyer who represented the victims is currently sitting in jail […]

best time for cheap ethereum gas fees

Best times for cheap Ethereum transaction gas fees

With network activity rising and ETH’s price above $4K, there are very few days where transaction fees are less than $30. With fees on the rise you may be wondering when’s the best time to complete your Ethereum transaction Examining the data on Ethereum’s chain block-by-block basis suggests there conducting transactions early on weekend days […]

why you should delete coinbase and robinhood

Why you should delete all your trading apps

According to Warren Buffet, the secret to investing is simple: Start early Avoid losses Your greatest friend is compound interest If you start with $5,000, invest $100 per month and consistently return 13% year over year you will see returns of over $350,000 in 20 years. This is some serious wealth growth, and it’s simple. […]

dawn of the dao

The dawn of the DAO

What Happens When The Crowd Holds The Power Of an Organization? A week ago, a little over ten people hopped on Zoom to explore an idea: What if we got a community to bid together on a rare printing of the U.S. Constitution offered at Sotheby’s auction? Within a week the group raised over $40 million […]

Chamath Palihapitiya’s Secret to Success

Chamath Palihapitiya’s Secret to Success

Chamath Palihapitiya’s story sounds like it was taken out of a fairy tale, but it is very much true. He was born in Sri Lanka and fled with his family to Canada at the age of 6. Palihapitiya’s childhood was marked by deep, unrelenting poverty. His father was unemployed most of the time while his […]

constitutiondao tries to buy the constitution

A “financial flash mob” raised over $40 million for a rare copy of the U.S. Constitution…

In September 1787, a group of delegates gathered in Philadelphia to sign the U.S. Constitution. This past week, a hastily organized crypto-collective tried to buy it. The group, called ConstitutionDAO, is an experiment led by thousands of cryptocurrency fans who have pooled their money to make a bid on a rare original printing of the […]

solana nfts surpass ethereum

Will Solana NFTs Surpass Ethereum?

Solana now ranks as the fourth-best NFT blockchain behind Ethereum, Ronin and Wax in terms of 24-hour sales volume. Solana secondary NFT sales reached half a billion dollars in three months and has reached $500 million since the start of August alone. According to data from CryptoSlam, secondary sales of Solana NFTs have allotted some […]

“Tesla stock price is too high imo” – Elon Cashes in on $5 billion worth Tesla Stock

Elon sold around $5 billion worth of Tesla shares this week, shortly after his followers voted for him to make the sale in a Twitter poll.   But why… As of last week Musk owned 17% of Tesla shares plus some $92 billion worth of stock options that allow him to buy more shares at […]

zillow flop

Zillow’s home-flipping flop

Zillow’s stock is down 75% from it’s all-time high back in February of this year… The company announced last week that it’s pulling the plug on its tech-powered flipping operation after they realized the algorithm had massively overpriced price of the homes. Now they have reached an agreement to sell about 2,000 properties to Pretium […]

cool business imagery

Images that will make you rethink business

Advice is abundant, execution is scarce.   “The highest activity a human being can attain is learning for understanding, because to understand is to be free.” ― Baruch Spinoza   “Don’t debate people in the media when you can debate them in the marketplace.”   Expectation vs. reality.   “The greatest shortcoming of the human […]


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