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david friedberg

David Friedberg

Occupation: Founder & CEO

Birthday: 1981

Age: 40

Birthplace: South Africa

College: California Berkely

Nationality: United States

Birth Sign: Unknown


David Friedberg is founder and CEO of The Production Board, a company established to solve the most fundamental problems that affect our planet.

Early life

David Friedberg was born in South Africa and graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, with a Bachelor’s degree in Astrophysics.

David FriedBerg Career

Broadview Capital Partners (2001)

Tech M&A and investment banker

Google (2004)

Corporate Development & Business Product Manager

The Climate Corporation (2006)

Co-Founder & CEO

Metromile (2011)

Chairman & Co-Founder. 

Metromile is a car insurance company using data science and machine learning to offer drivers new and fairer insurance. It was acquired by Lemonade. The deal valued San Francisco-based Metromile, at roughly $500 million.

The Production Board (2016)

david friedberg science

Founder & CEO. 

The Production Board is a San Francisco-based investment foundry focused on improving technologies in agriculture, food and life sciences.

The Production Board is invested in companies like:

  • Culture Biosciences:
    • develops automated bio-reactors that help companies optimize their manufacturing processes.
  • Tillable:
    • an online marketplace for farm landowners and growers to rent and manage farmland.
  • Stenon:
    • The Soil Data Company

Personal Investments

    • a health-focused internet company providing an online health portal and a Q&A community.
  • Soylent:
    • a pioneer in food tech, producing delicious, functional foods, w/ complete nutrition that are good for the body & the planet
  • The EVERY Company:
    • makes real animal protein without the use of a single animal, starting with chicken-less egg proteins.
  • Dave:
    • a banking app on a mission to create financial opportunity that advances America’s collective potential.
  • HelloSign
    • acquired by Dropbox
  • Earnest
    • making higher education accessible and affordable for everyone

Net Worth: $18 Million

David Friedberg worked at Google from 2004 to 2006, and then started Climate Corporation, which he later sold to Monsanto for $1 billion. He has since been investing in start-ups focused on agriculture, food supply and genomics, and in 2017 he created The Production Board to help build and fund start-ups.
Google’s Larry Page was an early backer and. TPB just raised $300 million from investors including Alphabet, Baillie Gifford, Allen & Co. and BlackRock.

David owns at least 2,964,478 units of Metromile, Inc stock.

David Friedberg’s Favorite Books

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