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Pieter Levels

Occupation: indie startup founder


Age: 36
Birthplace: Netherlands

Nationality: Dutch

Programming Languages: HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, SQLite


Pieter taught himself how to program and hist from the Netherlands. He has managed to build and launch multiple successful companies like Nomad List and Remote OK without having a programming degree or MBA.



Panda Mix Show and Tubelytics

Levels launched his first business, while in college, when he managed an electronic music mixes Youtube channel called Panda Mix Show which featured many upcoming DJs. To help out his own business, he built a platform to pull in analytics from all his YouTube channels in one place and called it Tubelytics.

By the time he graduated, he was earning enough money from YouTube to support himself but he didn’t like being tied to a platform. He tried interviewing for Coinbase but was rejected.


In 2013, Levels sold most of his belongings and booked a flight to Thailand. In 2014 had to to move back to Amsterdam, to live with his parents. Amidst anxiety and panic attacks, at 4 AM in the morning, he wrote a blog post titled – 12 startups in 12 months where he launched 12 startups over a span of twelve months. Hist first successful startup NomadList, was born. 

Other Projects

Pieter has been involved in many projects over the years including: 

NET WORTH: $10 million+

In 2020, Levels’s Nomad List and RemoteOK drew in a combine $600k in annual revenue.

Favorite Books

Pieter Levels is famous for his persistence and working style, and while not having many favorites, Pieter recommends adding Atomic Habits by James Clear to your reading list.

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