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Ultra-Realistic Metaverse Universe

Ultra-Realistic Metaverse where people can talk, learn and work with other people called ‘Universe’

TLDR: great graphics but the tokenomics are garbage.

“This is more realistic than any virtual reality I’ve experienced before,” said Universe reality enthusiast Miles Kann while walking through one of the Universe’s city parks in real-time.

Due to its high tech and long history many are bullish however, the original creators of the Universe ($EARTH) didn’t implement tokenomics which has resulted in many issues over time.

Critics are quick to point out other possible bugs in the Universe, such as deadly wars, mass injustices, violence, and disease.

These criticisms, however, are countered by the Universe’s supporters who are well-versed in the instruction manual, stating a truly realistic and fulfilling Universe must come with the full balanced experience of joy and pain, free-will, accountability, sorrow, life and death, which make the game was worth it.

Wen Roadmap?

The project, which started with so much promise is now divided in mass disarray. The devs have no idea what they’re doing and the community is pretty divided on which direction to take.

What’s the Market Cap?

Many believe the $EARTH’s market cap to be in the quadrillions of dollars when accounting for GDP and world’s most valuable companies.

However, many in the community remain upset since whales own the vast majority of shares and pay very little gas fees.

Where to invest?

Follow these steps to invest in Universe:

  1. Close laptop/phone
  2. Walk outside

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