October 2021 Medium and wordpress earnings

October 2021 Blog Earnings in Review

Days Writing on Medium: 80

Total Posts: 74

Total Earnings: $324.02

October 2021 Earnings: $169.17

Stats over the past 30 days

My total views in September were 10,065 so I gained a marginal increase in viewership during October reaching 10,326 views.

Most of my earnings came from an article which went viral back in September, but had a couple new articles boost my earnings as well.

My follower accounts grew significantly up 105 from last month with 9 new email subscribers, however the increase wasn’t as high as last months. I’m guessing this is due to the fact that strength leads to strength, meaning viral articles lead to more followers than consistent less viewed posts.

Monthly follower growth

New Medium…Wordpress

Starting this month I also posted and monetized by blogs on WordPress using Adsense.

Overall in October my WordPress sites got:

  • 471 visitors,
  • and 1.35 page views per visitor

My total Adsense earnings were practically nothing:

Note I had previously published some articles on WordPress the month before but just turned on ads in late October.

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