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Launch Your Own NFT Store

NFTs have exploded over past the year with estimated total values reaching over $100 billion USD.

This value has largely come from marketplaces like OpenSea, Rarible, ArtBlocks and Solanart, but all of these platforms take a large fee from artists and owners:

  • ArtBlocks: 10%
  • OpenSea: 2.5%
  • SuperRare: 15%

Plus many of these platforms are closed to the public and are application only creating a closed isolated community.

Ownchain is the first NFT store creator platform open to any artist. The best part is Ownchain doesn’t any fees from the artist or buyer of a piece of art. The only fee is a small transaction fee around $0.30 that goes to the Solana network.

Ownchain is currenlty in closed beta but you can sign up to their waitlist here, or DM them on Twitter.

How To Create Your Own NFT Store

1. Go to Dashboard Landing Page

2. Sign up using your access code.

You will receive this in your invite email or by DMing them.

3. Create a Store

Once you’re signed in, you’ll see a page which looks like this. You’ll start without any active stores but you can create one by pressing the Create a Store button.

Each store costs $0.99 a month to pay for server costs, but is guaranteed to handle unlimited traffic with 99% uptime. Start by filling in your credit/debit card information (in the future Ownchain will accept crypto payment methods)

Once you payment goes through you will see a success screen 🥳.

Press Next.

Then all you need to do is enter your store name and wallet information and your store will be built for you usually within 30 seconds.

4. Access Your Store

Your store should appear automatically once it’s created. First refresh your web page then click on your store button.

It will take you to your store details page where you can edit your store name or preview it by clicking the Preview link in the top right corner.

Your store will be blank but will look something like this:

**You will need to transfer some SOL to your wallet for your store to be properly started.

5. Start Minting 🔒

After logging in with your wallet you’ll be able to create and sell your NFTs.

You can mint several file types including photos, video, audio and more.

Next you can upload the file or link to an external URL. Ownchain uses Arweave to permanently store your file on the decentralized web.

Then add a title, description, attributes and set the supply.

Ownchain comes with prebuilt royalty options to allow creators to continue receiving royalties of each sale. Apologies I spelt *eerie* wrong and didn’t realize until it was too late 🙁

Finally you ready to mint your token for a very small fee. This fee doesn’t go to Ownchain, it goes to miners on the Solana network.

Minting can take up to a couple minutes, but once its ready you can share it to Twitter, add it to your collection or sell it.

6. Start Selling 🙂

Congratulations! You’ve made it to the easiest part.

The Sell walkthrough lets you choose from a number of sale types. For this demonstration we’ll choose Sell an Existing Item

Then you can select your newly minted NFT.

Then enter a price (in SOL).

Choose phase options

and auction duration.

You can add a participation NFT, but this is optional so we’ll skip it for now.

Then review all your NFT listing options and go ahead and Submit!

..and there it is. Our live NFT!

Now anyone can go to you shop url, connect their wallet and place a bid on your NFT. Once their is a winner the proceeds of the sale will go directly to your wallet, Ownchain doesn’t take any sale fee.

Wrapping Things Up

In this tutorial we walked through how you can easily create your own NFT store in a matter of minutes. Ownchain is the most scalable and cost affordable way to launch your own NFT site, and you can create as many stores as you wish.

Future capabilities of Ownchain include:

  • More tools around designing and theming
  • Custom domains
  • Analytics
  • And a lot more we’ll announce later on

If you have any feedback, inquiries or questions feel free to reach out to the Ownchain team below:



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