8 Free Resources for Finding Great Stock Ideas

8 Free Resources for Finding Great Stock Ideas

Everyone knows Apple, Amazon, Microsoft… But how do you find the next $AFRM$PLTR, or $USPT early?

Here are 8 solid resources for finding stock ideas early:

8: FinTwit

TONS of people share ideas on FinTwit I’ve gotten ideas from:

7: Free Articles / Substacks

@themotleyfool main page has TONS of free content I like

@FromValue & Bert Hochfeld on seeking alpha

@Beth_Kindig has great content

6: Podcasts

These podcasts are great at uncovering hidden gems

5: Your Family & Friends

Look through your credit card statements, observe the brands your friends buying patterns, etc…

4. Screeners

Finviz is great for screening by sector/industry

Stockcard is great for screening by meta-trends

3: Newly Public Companies

  • Direct Listings
  • IPOs
  • SPACs

These are some helpful resourced:



2: Fund Managers

Whale Wisdom lets you see holdings from all the top funds in the world.

You can see all their holding and get email updates with any changes. These funds are starting off with:

  • AKre Capital
  • AKO Capital
  • Dorsey Asset
  • Polen Capital

1: ETFs

Look through the holdings of high-growth ETFs. These are some worth looking into:

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