Boost Your Solana NFT Profits with these Tools

Solana NFTs have officially surpassed $1,000,000,000 so it’s safe to say there is a new player in the NFT space next to Ethereum.

Here are a few essential tools for that will supercharge Solana NFT skills:

Browse top NFT collections and determine how rare your NFT is among the collection.


Marketplace with some of the hottest Solana NFTs currently on the market including Cyber Frogs, Red Panda Squad and Degen Ape Academy


Solanalysis shows you trading stats on Solana NFTs in real time

Monitor NFT collections in realtime including trading volume, average price, floor price and more.


Similar to Solanart but MagicEden allows much newer collections onto their marketplace meaning you as a buyer get much better deals on collections with price floors often less than 1.0 SOL.


Instead of sacrificing a hefty fee on marketplaces, Ownchain lets you build your own NFT store on the Solana blockchain and takes zero fees. Think Shopify for NFTs

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