I Posted on Medium Each Day for 30 Days, Here’s What Happened

A little over a month ago I had never written a blog in my life, so I naturally decided to suddenly jump all in to blogging.

I started by writing a blog each day and posting it on Medium, here are the results so far:

Within the first week are started averaging about 50 views per day on my stories, however towards the end of the month I had a couple stories reach to top pages for #Entrepreneur #Art and #Startup.

As you can see most of my views came from my top 3 stories.

I was able to join the Medium Partner Program about 20 days in so I wasn’t wasn’t able to capitalize off all the views but my earnings followed a similar pattern as my views.

My month over month growth was pretty decent but I only wrote a few articles in August so it’s hard to say.

Over my first 30 days as a writer on Medium I was able to earn nearly $150 and gained 240 followers

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