The Cardano NFT Market is Pumping!!

With the release of Cardano smart contracts on Sept 12, Cardano is ripe for a new wave of NFT platforms built on their network.

The update puts Cardano in direct competition with Ethereum, giving it more flexibility in terms of applications like non-fungible tokens ( NFTs), automated lending and more.

Top Cardano New NFT Projects

Beyond Rockets

An entire ecosystem of NFTs based on the Cardano Blockchain. Here you can own rooms in the Cardano Tower, own the Shelley Supermarket, houses in the Adaville and many other locations in the city. You can buy items, vehicles, avatars and so much more. The city welcomes you, you belong here.

₳da Dolls

Totally unique, totally awesome Cardano NFT Dolls.


10,000 SpaceBudz are in existence and each astronaut is unique and only owned by you. Animals, robots and other mysterious creatures with different features and properties await you!

Mr. Intangble

Contemporary Digital Art Creator on


Programmatic NFTs on Cardano


The first interactive NFT collectibles on Cardano

Clay Mates

Collectables made from balls*. Handmade algorithmically assembled characters and the first stop-motion NFTs on Cardano


Entheos Algorithmically Generated Art

Cardano Trees

First Full Onchain Evolutive Trees in Cardano!

Cardano vs Ethereum

Like Ethereum, the Cardano blockchain is also based on the proof-of-stake system, which requires miners to put up their own stake of crypto. Only those with the largest stake will be rewarded for their services. This method reduces the overall computing power required for mining on a public blockchain and hence is more environmentally sound.

To be fair, Ethereum still leads Cardano in terms of market cap. On September 12, Cardano had a market cap of around $82 billion against Ethereum’s whopping $400 billion market cap.

However, Cardano has risen from being the simple underdog to being among the top five cryptocurrencies in the world in terms of market cap. It is currently placed in third position, behind Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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