107 Lessons I Learned as Head of Engineering at 22 years old

  1. log everything
  2. leaders listen to graphs and numbers
  3. hire technical person from start who understands — — grow knowledge base. Outsourcing development exponentially grows technical debt
  4. a boss/ceo should be inspiring not intimidating
  5. optimize for speed from the start
  6. metrics!! start measuring early
  7. devs work best when self-motivated: inspiring project, fixing problems, learning…
  8. don’t create an atmosphere where people are afraid to act
  9. sql / postgresql sucks _ use something easier o manage
  10. present bg issues to entire team … let them solve
  11. hire smart people (usually always worth the cost)
  12. measure velocity
  13. teams are an asset
  14. complete transparency (secrets only cause fights and unproductivity)
  15. public commit to and display dev deadline
  16. committed to all members’ professional/personal growth
  17. develop extreme ownership
  18. bake product dev cost into COGS ~~ saas not service
  19. customers are part of the team (swag)
  20. cash flow is king
  21. 3x-5x delivery estimates from what you originally think
  22. focus on the few things that make the biggest different (processes, big $$ impact, speed, security )
  23. give manager/team 80% freedom to lead and make decisions. DO NOT micromanage, inspire/lead
  24. build > optimize > build > optimize > repeat
  25. don’t shit talk or spread blame
  26. taking criticism constructively will take you far
  27. put time in tasks with 5X roi, always
  28. set realistic expectations (then lower…and lower some more)
  29. maintain a healthy flow of junior / senior devs that are familiar with your code stack
  31. 1) measure 2) improve
  32. never blame malice what can be explained by ignorance
  33. Processes rule! and save a lot of anxiety
  34. Leader: push ppl to be their best, give them room to grow
  35. Continuous deliver! show progress to team and customers – easier for dev team to manage code to
  36. Fervent hard energy pushing team members every step of the way…never doubting
  37. F O C U S
  38. measure ROI by product line
  39. always review the top two impacts you can make for the day
  40. the solution will become clear if you define the problem well
  41. phrase costs in terms of growth
  42. until product/market fit is achieved “stick”, it doesn’t work (more resources are need)ed
  43. Bosses listen to IRR and payback
  44. business model and simplicity will either make your life heaven or hell
  45. it’s never about the tool, it’s about the story you tell
  46. properly understanding the problem is the hardest part
  47. growth is valued over cost
  48. day trading costs: time: must spend monitoring 24/7, peace: no trust in process, impossible to guess the future
  49. building a business is about spending your resource on the right things ~ if ideas built companies everyone would be successful
  50. CEOs gotta be the biggest pusher of the company: no shame
  51. Ask for equity! — know your worth
  52. simple is always better
  53. create excitement
  54. entrepreneurship is all about perseverance
  55. hire self-motivated people
  56. if you want to stimulate conversations in meetings, invite less people
  57. take care of your team’s health
  58. know when to speak and when to stay silent
  59. create metrics early and constantly measure against them
  60. implement logging first — you’ll thank yourself later
  61. learn to do things nobody else can
  62. business is a series of processes working toward unified goal(s)
  63. learn to know what ppl want before they know they want it
  64. don’t talk over ppl
  65. developers must focus on cost effective architecture
  66. owners think in terms of fires (one in the bedroom, backyard, living room, etc). They will prioritize (aka spend $$) on the fire that’s going to burn the house down
  67. Human support is a critical part of any tech business
  68. organization is an essential part of development
  69. align company vision with employee’s deepest wants/goals aka north star
  70. getting angry at ppl gets u nowhere
  71. price is a function of how much impact you have on a business
  72. ppl make decisions on emotion
  73. NEVER put your team under the bus. NEVER they’re fam
  74. be courageous
  75. let go, move on fast…don’t hold grudges
  76. leading and seniority is all about prioritizing and communication — the best leaders…
  77. develop your own beliefs and mindframes (steve jobs commencement speech)
  78. Growth solves all problems!
  79. security must be part of the software development lifecycle
  80. effort and impact don’t always align
  81. a leader makes decisions, before anyone else is willing, even without knowing all the details
  82. successful projects are all about building a strong and healthy community: think ethereum, dogecoin, apple
  83. talk to partners as investors ~ tough real conversations
  84. learn the Hype cycle
  85. it’s terrible expensive to get team moral back
  86. spending money on your team is an investment in the company
  87. a CEO must be a good leader
  88. when others lose their cool, leaders maintain calm, supportive, clear
  89. hire people smarter than you
  90. Social dynamics play a huge role in any company
  91. as a leader know where to apply your limited energy and pressure to best support your team to succeed (not micromanaging)
  92. help your team want to help the company (don’t force them to answer CSR calls)
  93. hire those with potential and give them a place to succeed
  94. don’t talk over your team admin
  95. what helps the most: perseverance
  96. what hurts the most: inability to listen, learn and adapt
  97. learn what people really want, their tru motivation. They won’t tell you straight up, especially if you’re their manger
  98. if you don’t take the time to build the correct architecture, you will eventually spend all of your time with support tasks instead of focusing on roadmap
  99. separate your ego form the company
  100. don’t release anything unless you’re gonna be the best
  101. community and culture is everything
  102. understand people’s needs: appreciation, learning/growth and power are a few common ones
  103. be charismatic leader and all else will fall into place
  104. create a enjoyable fulfilling place to work and people will move mountains for you
  105. dev teams are dynamic, deadlines are missed
  106. hire smart ppl just start building a team
  107. strive for excellence, enjoyment, personal fulfillment and growth

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